CyberScrub® KeyChain (TM)

CyberScrub® KeyChain (TM) 1.5

Stores all your personal data and automatically fills in Internet forms for you
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If you have lots of usernames and passwords, or you usually need to fill in large forms on the Internet, KeyChain might be a very helpful tool for you. This tool stores all your personal information, including usernames, passwords and credit card numbers, so that you do not have to remember all of them in the future. Besides that, it is capable of automatically filling in Internet forms for you.

As soon as you install the program, it is advisable that you proceed to create your master username and password, which will be the only ones you will have to remember in the future. Otherwise, the program will be reminding you to do that every now and then, which might turn to be pretty annoying after a while. It actually allows you to create a pass-phrase rather than a simple password - thus, you will be allowed to include spaces, numbers, and special symbols, which will result in a much stronger key. After you create you initial account, the program will encourage you to add your first username, password, and credit card information for further use on websites; however, you can cancel it and leave it for later.

Another very interesting function that this program offers is the USB flash synchronization, which means that you can keep a copy of the program and of your data on an USB flash, which you can use on any computer without need to install KeyChain on it. In case you have upgraded your information - either on the USB flash or on your computer - the program can synchronize it in both directions, so that your information is always consistent.

In addition, KeyChain adds a toolbar to your Internet Explorer which will recognize a form page whenever you are visiting one. It then will ask you to automatically fill it in for you, or to add it to its database in case this form is a new one. To top it all off, KeyChain comes with a password generator, which you can use to get your passwords automatically, according to a strength level and a length previously defined by you.

KeyChain's interface is very simple and easy to use. It provides you with easy access to its four modules: Passwords, Credit Card, Addresses, and User. On a side panel you can see a list with information about each category, as well as buttons to create, edit, delete, or upgrade new entries for all of them. The Passwords section also allows you to decide whether the program should enter usernames and passwords automatically or not, and also to import password lists from external sources, export your account lists, and add shared password accounts from other users.

Definitely, KeyChain is a great software tool which will result very useful for many people, because it can save you a lot of time whenever you are required to fill in large forms. Its trial version allows you to test it freely - however, it allows you to work only with a limited number of accounts.

Ricardo Soria
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